SSA regards co-curricular activities as an integral part of the total educational program. Although a good scholastic record in high school is still the primary concern, employers and college admissions officers are placing increasing emphasis on the studentís co-curricular activities. They are looking for those students who have demonstrated personal qualities of leadership, special interests, or significant accomplishments in their high school years. Each organization elects officers to serve in leadership roles. These leaders are expected to exceed the minimum requirements of membership in the organization. In addition to such related learning activities as retreat programs, field trips, activity periods, and assemblies, there are 26 organizations available to the SSA student.
Girls' schools offer enormous value to their students, value that isn't easily replicated in other school settings. At girls' schools every class leader is a girl. All the speakers, players, writers, singers, athletes, leaders, and stars at girls' schools are girls.    - The National Coalition of Girls Schools



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